Inbound & Outbound Student Exchange Homestays

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Gap Year Specialist

Adventure Homestays Abroad specializes in inbound and outbound student exchange homestays for high school students to many countries all over the globe.

AHA offers Homestay Adventure programs to Spain, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ecuador and China for any time. Last minute idea? We can often make it happen!

AHA Homestay/ School/ Travel Adventures available:

  • Individual Homestays Abroad Adventures from a few weeks to a full academic year with optional school experience, volunteering, and/or travel.

  • Adventure Homestays for students who wish a "Gap Year" between high school graduation and the beginning of university studies! Have exciting experiences: maturing/growing/honing in on langauge skills. Get to truly know a culture and its people.

  • Hosting opportunities are available for U.S. families who wish to experience foreign cultures and languages in a very personal and enriching setting - your home!! Share new experiences as well as gain new insights as you share your life/home with enthusiastic, carefully selected international students.

  • Teacher-led two to three-week group Homestays with community service, school, ecology or nature Adventures uniquely designed for each group!

  • Soccer and other Adventure-based 2-3 week Homestays, which combine sports, team building and cultural excursions with foreign language immersion!

  • Exciting and life enriching Senior Project Adventures abroad!


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